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Pixel Studio Fx 2.0 Review and My Bonuses

Pixel Studio Fx Review, Bonuses and Why I believe its the Best eCover Creator for internet marketers


So what is Pixel Studio FX 2.0?

Pixel Studio FX 2.0 ıs a user-friendly eCover Design Tool that is certainly super useful with a lot of fantastic distinct features that can help you to development a marvelous book Ecover for your e-book, training videos or any other digital product. It uses a drag and drop interface and you can simply edit their ready made templates and export to 3D versions in a few file formats.


 Pixel Studio FX 2.0 eCover Creator 3D - Why Many Love It

Pixel Studio FX 2.0 selling points:

1. Pick from one of the 250+ done for you templates in over 23 different Niches or start from scratch.
2. With a point and click technology combined with over 3,000 Unique Designs, 180+ Fonts, 8,000 Royality Free Images, and over 6,000 Web Icons, You can pick, add, resize, and create the winning design.
3. Export Your High Quality, Professional Cover Design and Use it As your Own!


Generating unbelievable graphics for your products is really important as it really helps to enhance your conversion rate and obtain more product sales. And as you must take into consideration presently, Photoshop ıs extremely overpriced and tricky to use and hiring a graphic designer may set you back a lot of cash. And this is exactly where Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is very useful and helps you to develop your own ebook ecoverwith no design experience quickly. The software is very affordable too and comes with a lifetime license and you can design unlimited 3D eCovers and flat covers for you eBooks and products.

One of the better things about Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is that it is available with built-in with remarkably unique book cover design templates, so that you do not have to design eCover from the beginning, you can simply edit these design templates and produce professional and incredible 3D digital product covers templates without having design abilities and so quickly.

Let me provide a summary of features and benefits included with Pixel Studio FX 2.0:

  1. No training needed because it's extremely easy to use
  2. Client sharing with backgrounds to save your backgrounds and share with clients
  3. Top priority support and updates
  4. One time investment with no monthly costs
  5. It has 500+ fonts built in
  6. Shapes including all basic shape objects; color-able
  7. Great for client collaboration and social sharing
  8. Object copying you can copy your placed objects across different models
  9. There's great keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys
  10. Stock account integration apis to use your stock accounts for images
  11. It has 32+ ecover models to work with
  12. It has an award winning design
  13. It's very affordable a completely low cost solution
  14. It's very easy to use with minimal training required
  15. Lighter interface and you can toggle between dark/light gui
  16. You can export as pdf / jpg / tif
  17. Shadows and reflections to add shadows and reflections to any placed object
  18. User profiles to replicate titles, tag lines and author names
  19. Export/import themes .Psfx extension files
  20. Advanced text editor for editing alignments, cases, indents, spacing, shadows, etc
  21. Storage capacity solution for additional storage packs
  22. Font sorting including recently used and sorting by type
  23. Theme designer to esign and apply your own theme across all models
  24. It has a drag and drop functionality
  25. Thousands of stock images and web icons
  26. Moveable objects show grids and snap to align with other objects
  27. It comes with 650+ unique professional quality ecover templates
  28. Images/objects transparency slider for adjusting opacity of objects


Preview of Pixel Studio FX 2.0 and Some eCover Templates:



My Conclusions of Pixel Studio FX 2.0

Pixel Studio FX 2.0 is most definitely the top, most inexpensive and least difficult to use Ecover design software on the market and the price is very affordable for a lifetime license. So you will never need to pay for it again.

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